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groomPamper your pet with our unique Spa Services... We never use tranquilizers, cage dryers or muzzles, instead we provide a STRESS FREE experience for your pet to relax and enjoy. Let Citizen Canine become part of your regular health and wellness routine to ensure their healthy skin, teeth and coat!

Our services menu below is tailored to meet your individual budgetary and lifestyle needs.


Our professional groomer, Oscar believes grooming is his art! He can do anything from a puppy cut to a show cut. He is available by appointment.


Stephenie isn't only a talented groomer, she has been working with dogs, cats and exotics for over ten years! As a behaviorist and companion animal trainer, her approach to grooming caters to every dog's individual needs and behavior. By going the extra mile to ensure her furry friends are as comfortable as possible throughout the experience, she wins the heart and wagging tail of every pup on her table. You can be confident that your young puppy, senior adult, or fearful dog will have the highest amount of care and consideration to enjoy a stress-free, fabulous spa day. Pressure-point, joint, spine, and muscle massages are always free during your dog's groom with Stephenie, which is especially handy if your dog has also been playing in our daycare - what better way to end a day of play than a relaxing massage? Send your dog home happy, gorgeous AND exhausted! Stephenie is available by appointment on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays here at Citizen Canine. Prices vary based on breed and coat condition, love and treats are always free. Call us today to receive more information or a quote!

All baths and grooms include shampoo, condition, hand dry (no cage dryers), brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning.

Our rates range from $45-$65 for small to large breeds. For extra large breeds, prices range from $75-$85. (Please note: heavily matted dogs my incur an additional fee depending on time spent to demat).

Teeth brushing available Al a carte $10 or can be added to any bath or groom for $5.

Anal gland extraction can be added to any bath or groom for $10

Let us know if your pet has any other grooming needs that are not included in our packages. We have a very talented groomer and staff that can do flea baths, hand stripping, massages, etc...


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