Citizen Canine


stayYou can be sure we are your pooches home away from home. Cozy, comfortable and here 24/7/365! Citizen Canine wants to ensure that both you and your dog are the right fit so we request that your dog must pass an interview by CC before a reservation can be confirmed. To help ensure an easy transition, owners need to bring their dog’s food and a comfortable fitting collar.

Overnight dog boarding (up to 24 hours) is $40-$45. All heavy demand periods are $5 more per night. 2 dog family discount.

Puppies & Small Dogs

We have a gated area in the main playroom where we seperate the smaller dogs and puppies from the larger breeds. And they get their own playtime outside. Puppies get extra potty breaks, naps and lunch if needed.


Boarding for cats is available for $18/per night. Extended stay rate is $15 per night for 7 nights or more. Cats have free run of a bedroom. At times when we are boarding multiple cats, cats are crated. We are staffed 24 hours.


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